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Broil King® - Our dedication to build the very best in quality and performance reflects on our exceptional team right here who make them.

Geschichte Broil King

Our story began in 1906, with a vision of quality and desire for excellence. Since the beginning of our manufacturing days, our family strives for performance, durability and great experiences with all of our products. 

One hundred and fifteen years later, our passion remains the same; to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing quality products backed with great service. 

Broil King® is committed to producing quality grills for performance, durability and great flavour.

With manufacturing facilities in Huntington, Indiana, Dickson, Tennessee, and Waterloo, Ontario, we are able to design, manufacture and distribute North American made grills in over 50 countries.

Our vision for the future is plain and simple; “Great Barbecues Every Time”. We know that for you to have a great barbecue in your back garden, it relays on a great barbecue built by a family owned and operated company.

We invite and welcome you to be a part of our Broil King® family.

Performance and Great Barbecue Flavor.

Every Broil King® gas grill is built to provide unparalleled cooking performance delivering great barbecue flavour. Broil King’s design and features gives you the ability to cook almost anything on your grill in any style you desire. 

The Broil King range



Made from die-cast aluminum and high grade stainless steel, these durable cook boxes provide excellent heat retention and long lasting durability. The cook box is designed to ensure even heat and heat retention for precise control.


As a signature component of the Broil King® grillling system, the Flav-R-Cast™ cast iron cooking grids get hot and stay hot for exceptional searing power and vaporization of juices. The heavy Flav-R-Cast™ iron grids have two sides: one side is pointed for those perfect steakhouse sear marks, while the other side has grooves for contiunuous basting. Whichever side you choose, our grids are design to vaporize juices for ultimate flavour.


The stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ cooking system covers the full cookbox, providing superior heat distribution across the entire surface of the grill while protecting the burners. Drippings that fall onto the Flav-R-Wave™ are instantly vapourized. Vapour created through this process infuses into your food for unmistakable barbecue flavour.


Broil King’s patented Dual-Tube burners are made from high quality, heavy-duty stainless steel. Closely spaced, and two ribbons of flame per burner ensure even side-to-side heat. The tube within a tube provides a perfect fuel-to-air ratio so the flame is always even front-to-back.


Linear-Flow™ valves with 180 degree control knobs give you infinite heat control allowing you to set your grill to the perfect temperature for searing, roasting, or slow cooking.


Plan entire meals and grill them on your Broil King® grill. Yes, you can do that and more with our premium line of space saving grilling accessories. They’ve been carefully designed and engineered to be used this way. 

One grill, hundreds of possibilities. It’s your grilling space, so go ahead and use it to it’s fullest.  Our premium grilling accessories will transform your grill into the ultimate entertaining appliance. 

From everyday essentials to sought after specialties, Broil King® has whatever you need.

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